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  • Class80 standard kit includes

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Wired Standard Accessories BLE Standard Accessories Remarks
Alu Top Case

WKL and WK are optional
Alu Bottom Case

E-White&Red FC Controller Weight(Alu)

common with Class65v2 game weights
1.5mmPCB-Mount Stabilizer Plate-PC

Wired Soldered PCB or Wired Hot-swap PCB


wired soldered PCB or wired hot-swap PCB

one of the two options

BLE Hot-swap PCB


BLE hot-swap PCB included 5000mAh battery
Brass Weight

Type-c Separates Daughter Board

Buzzer and Solenoid


Buzzers and solenoid aren't supported in BLE version
Foam Kit(poron)

5mm+3.5mm plate foam、ixpe 0.5mm PE sheet、2mm hot-swap case foam、1mm case foam*2、Battery room foam
Tool Kits

TOP gasket and TOP set screws、screws and tools、Bumpons、Gasket poron、Type-C daughter board

Class80 Sticker Badge

Class80 Keyboard Carrying Case

  • Class80 Plate Suitable For


 Suitable For↓

Hot-Swap Layout Soldered Layout Remarks


Plate-Mount stabilizer Plate are only suitable for hot-swap Layout

7U Spacebar

6.25U Spacebar


The 6.25U Spacebar only supports the Top case WK
Stepped Caps

1.5U Mods

1.25U Mods


Seven Enter


Left Shift Split