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【EXTRA】Fixing Plate for Class80

【EXTRA】Fixing Plate for Class80

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optional fixing plate for the Class80

The build supports plate/plateless gasketor TOP (with letters to facilitate the installation of the keycaps) /TOP half plate for everyone to choose freely.

10 options with cutouts for:

PC Plate

Plate-Mount stabilizer Plate-PC(ansi only): $25

PCB-Mount stabilizer Plate-PC(iso/ansi) : $25

Black core FR4 Plate

Plate-Mount stabilizer Plate-FR4(ansi only): $25

PCB-Mount stabilizer Plate-FR4(iso/ansi): $25

(Half plate)Plate-Mount stabilizer Plate-FR4(ansi only) : $25

(Half plate)PCB-Mount Stabilizer Plate-FR4(iso/ansi): $25

Brass Plate

Plate-Mount stabilizer Plate-Brass(ansi only): $42

PCB-Mount stabilizer Plate-Brass(iso/ansi): $42

(Half plate)Plate-Mount stabilizer Plate-Brass(ansi only) : $42

(Half plate)PCB-Mount Stabilizer Plate-Brass(iso/ansi): $42

Note: It is better not to choose brass plate for bluetooth hotswap pcb since it will affect the bluetooth signal.

Plateless build don’t need plate

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