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【EXTRA】PCB for Class80

【EXTRA】PCB for Class80

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Extra PCB for the Class80

   Wired Hotswap PCB: 45$

   Wired Soldered PCB: 45$

    BLE Hotswap PCB:75$

PCB: The new double “S” on the PCB leaf-spring-mount retains the ultra-soft typing experience of the original class65 but also allows the PCB to be top mounted.

We will offer both wired and Bluetooth Version of the PCB, wired PCB supports QMK and VIA, Bluetooth software support is provided by Dana through the program LDN (download here).

For wired PCB, there are hotswap and soldered version, the Bluetooth PCB only comes with hotswap.

The Bluetooth version comes with a 5000mAh battery included in the kit.

 PCB includes Gasket


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