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【Hong Kong and Macao GB】Class80

【Hong Kong and Macao GB】Class80

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About the Class80:

    The Class80 builds on the big bezel design of the Class65 and intensify the chonk. It measures 39.34cm*18.9cm and the big boy weighs about 3.5kg unbuilt. In addition, we made a 1.6cm slope on the front edge to make the typing angle of the board to .

    For colors we retained the much loved retro E-white and Ano-black of the Class65 and added a FAMICOM inspired E-Red to the selection.

    Layout: Select between WK or WKL

  • Hot-swap PCB only supports ANSI and 7U spacebar Tsangan, stepped caps is possible;
  • Soldered PCB supports 6.25U spacebar, 1.25 mods or Tsangan, stepped caps, ANSI or ISO both supported.

    A set of retro inspired keycaps set as optional extras can be purchased with the Class80 (NOT INCLUDED IN THE STANDARD KIT). The color is close to GMK L9 and U9.

    PCB: The new double “S” on the PCB leaf-spring-mount retains the ultra-soft typing experience of the original class65 but also allows the PCB to be top mounted.

    We will offer both Wired and Bluetooth Version of the PCB, wired PCB supports QMK and VIA, Bluetooth software support is provided by Dana through the program LDN (download here).

    For wired PCB, there are Hot-swap and soldered version, the Bluetooth PCB only comes with Hot-swap.

    (Class80 firmware:Download here)

    The Bluetooth version comes with a 5000mAh battery included in the kit.

    Mounting styles: the Class80 supports 3 different mounting styles

  • Top mount with plate
  • PCB gasket mount with plate
  • PCB gasket mount plateless

    Plate: Standard kit comes with PC plate and only supports PCB mounted stabs.

    Extra Plates comes in 10 variations which can be purchased separately here

(Check me).

    The standard wired kit includes the Buzzer and Solenoid. Unfortunately, the Bluetooth PCB can not be used with the buzzer and solenoid, so we excluded the parts from the kit to reduce the cost.

    For even more retro feel, we added a "Class80" sticker badge made out of stainless steel to the standard kit, which you can freely choose where to stick it on your class80.

    Last but not least, we included a keyboard carrying case to the standard kit, since we know it’s not easy to find a case for a such chonky boy. You are welcome.

Kits List

  • Alu keyboard case
  • E-white&red FC controller weight(Alu)
  • Plate:1.5mm PCB-Mount stabilizer Plate-PC(One PCB-Mount stabilizer Plate-PC is included in the kit. If you need other plate, you can buy extra)
  • Plate foam:5mm+3.5mm poron plate foam
  • Switch foam: 0.5mm ixpe
  • PCB:1.6mm Solder/Hot-swap/LDN BLE (Hot-swap)
  • Type-c Ai03 daughter board
  • Case foam and battery room foam:poron
  • Gasket poron
  • Bumpons
  • Screwsand tools
  • Solenoid and Buzzer(Wired version only)
  • 5000 mAh Battery (BLE version only)
  • 1*Class80 Sticker Badge

GB Information

  • Sales Date: September 25th2022, 08:00 GMT+0000 to October 25th 2022, 12:00 GMT+0000
  • Quantity: unlimited groupbuy
  • Vendors:

          United States:









          United Kingdom:




  • Colors: Retro E-White, Retro E-Red, Ano-Black
  • Fulfilment: 90-120 days after GB concludes
  • Prices:

              Wired standard kit: $345 USD

              Bluetooth standard kit: $375 USD

           (Details can be viewed by clicking me)

  • Extras cost

Extra PCB (Presented Gasket )

            Wired Soldering PCB: $45

            Wired Hot-swap PCB: $45

            BLE Hot-swap PCB: $75

PC Plate

           Plate-Mount stabilizer Plate-PC(ansi only): $25

           PCB-Mount stabilizer Plate-PC(iso/ansi) : $25

Black core FR4 Plate

           Plate-Mount stabilizer Plate-FR4(ansi only): $25

           PCB-Mount stabilizer Plate-FR4(iso/ansi): $25

           (Half plate)Plate-Mount stabilizer Plate-FR4(ansi only) : $25

           (Half plate)PCB-Mount Stabilizer Plate-FR4(iso/ansi): $25

Brass Plate

           Plate-Mount stabilizer Plate-Brass(ansi only): $42

           PCB-Mount stabilizer Plate-Brass(iso/ansi): $42

           (Half plate)Plate-Mount stabilizer Plate-Brass(ansi only) : $42

           (Half plate)PCB-Mount Stabilizer Plate-Brass(iso/ansi): $42

Keycaps(Optional): $45

Extra FC controller weight(Alu): $25

Indicator Light Module(Optional): $20

Extra Foam Kit(Optional): $15

           5mm plate foam

           3.5mm plate foam

           0.5mm PE sheet

           2mm hot-swap case foam

           1mm case foam*2

           Battery room foam

Extra Tools and others(Optional): $5

           Battery room foam

           Gasket poron

           Screws and Drivers


           Type-C daughter board

Note: It is better not to choose brass plate for bluetooth hotswap pcb since it will affect the bluetooth signal.

    For Class65V2 buyers: the controller weight are compatible with the Class80. If you don’t want a new controller weight, you can contact us to deduct the price by the cost of the controller weight (just to make sure: of course, you won’t get a new controller weight with the Class80 in this case)

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