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【Instock】Class65 V2

【Instock】Class65 V2

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The updates for Class65 v2 as follows:

  1. Color we retain the retro white, ano-blackand ano-silver,and instead of E-pink we offer Space gray now.
  1. We have added Bluetooth version,and the wired version will be equipped with foam in the location of the battery, you can also order extras filling weight.
  1. Bluetooth solution is provided by Dana and is extremely power efficient. The battery is 3000mAh and will support keymapping and customizations via Dana's software, since QMK's and VIA's Bluetooth support it is very limited. Bluetooth version without Capslock Light. The wired version will retain the Capslock Light.
  1. the PCB space bar is optimized, we have solved the problem of mega flex of the space bar due to the long slot. and it should be noted that the Bluetooth version only supports hot-swap in ANSI layout.
  1. We have also make some layout changes on the Plate -the flex cut is gone to make plug in the switches easier, Since it is a very tedious task on a POM plate, also typing exerience is more consistent now .

Product Specs

It's a big bezel boy: 65% keyboard with PCB leaf spring gasket in retro look

Dimension: 383.85mm x 146.20mm x 35.13mm (Length x Depth x Height)

Material: 6063 Aluminum Board, Brass Weight

Typing angle: 6.5°

Weight: 2.1KG unbuilt

Plateless or optional fixing plate for Hot-Swap users (POM plate)

USB Type-C connection is centered

Software: support QMK and .json import VIA

Hot-swap & Bluetooth Hot-swap


Prices & Sales Info

The sales will be held only on our own website:

Group Buy

GB Information

  • Sale Date:February 22nd, 2022, 20:00 GMT+8
  • Website:
  • Fulfilment: 60-90 days
  • Quantity:350pcs
  • Color:Retro White, Ano-Black, Ano-Silver, Ano-Space Gray
  • Price: Wired version  $350

                      Bluetooth version  $400

Extras cost

  • Hot-swap PCB:40$
  • Soldered PCB: 35$
  • Bluetooth Hot-swap PCB: 65$
  • POM fixing plate: 35$
  • Foam Kit: 15$
  • Optional "controller" weight: 40$

    Inbox Content

    Board Kit:

    • The Class65 Keyboard Case
    • Soldered or Hot-Swap PCB or Bluetooth Hot-Swap PCB
    • AIO3 daughterboard
    • Enough gasket foam
    • 3mm PE case foam
    • 2mm PE PCB foam (between PCB and case)
    • 0.5mm PE PCB foam (between PCB and switches)
    • 3.5mm Poron PCB foam (between PCB and optional fixing plate)
    • 4x Bumpon
    • Hot-swap fixing plate (POM plate)


    Paypal only


    about 50 USD via DHL or FedEx


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