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[Mera Mera no Mi ]New Switch coming from ONEPIECE

[Mera Mera no Mi ]New Switch coming from ONEPIECE

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Switch infomation

Switch type: linear

Upper housing: Mixed PC Material (Color: RGB:220 84 27)

Bottom housing: Polymer composite material (color: RGB:220 84 27)

Stem: Low temperature LY material, 13.1mm LY Stem (color: #3D8E82)

Spring type: extended gold-plated spring

Operating force: 48±20gf.

Total travel force: 55 ± 20 gf

Total travel: 3.7 ± 0.3 mm



Additional Information:

Switching voltage: 12 V AC/DC max.

Switching current: 10 mA AC/DC max.

Dielectric strength: 500 V / 50Hz

Durability: more than 50,000,000 actuations

Contact configuration: Single-pole contact

Initial force: 16gf min.

Bounce time: < 5 ms (during actuation with 0,4 m/s)

Contacts: High-quality gold alloy

Storage Temperature: 5°C to 40°C

Operating Temperature: -40°C to 70°C



Suggested Price(USD)

0.6 USD/piece

21 USD/box

GB DATE: The Middle Feb.----Early Mar.( cease when sold out)

Suggested Price(USD):

Specification: 35 pieces/box

Quantity: 10000 pieces

Delivery time:In stock(shipped within 3-7days)


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